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Diabetes Awareness and Training Manual

Training manual to be launched by BEMDA in November 2007. This manual aims to provide community diabetes educators with a resource to help them run training sessions. Attend launch event>>
For more information about the manual Please call 020 7723 5357 or email

Diabetes and ethnic minorities - 2005

Oldroyd et al. Postgrad Med J.2005; 81: 486-490
The global prevalence of diabetes for all age groups is estimated to be 2.8%. Type 2 diabetes accounts for at least 90% of diabetes worldwide. Diabetes incidence, prevalence, and disease progression varies by ethnic group. This review highlights unique aspects of the risk of developing diabetes, its overwhelming vascular complications, and their management mainly using data among South Asians and African-Caribbeans in the UK but also using non-UK data. It is concluded that although the origin of the ethnic differences in incidence need further clarification, many factors should be amenable to prevention and treatment in all ethnic groups worldwide. Visit site for access to full text>>

DVD - Managing & Understanding Diabetes in the African Caribbean Community

Produced by Rocket Productions (from University of Central England) in conjunction with Diabetes UK.
A diabetes awareness film for the African- Caribbean community and features people with diabetes from the community and healthcare professionals from the Heart of Birmingham PCT. It will be available free of charge (just need to pay postage and packaging) in English and Patois, on both DVD and video format.
You can order your copy by sending an email to or phoning Diabetes UK West Midlands on 01922 614500

CD-ROM – Patient Education for South Asians

new CD-Rom specifically tailored to help people from the South Asian community to manage their diabetes. The CD-Rom is an educational tool that allows people to learn more about diabetes and the management of the condition. It has chapters on ‘Healthy eating’ and ‘physical exercise’ and also takes you through a graphic journey of the difference between how the body works for people with diabetes, and people without. Healthcare Professionals and community/religious leaders are able to use it to run Diabetes Awareness Events to compliment the BME Toolkit ‘How to raise awareness of diabetes and Diabetes UK to your community’.
For further information,please contact Jenne Dixit on 020 7284 1110 or email

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