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Diabetic Foot Care


Diabetes Mellitus can cause foot problems by causing damage to the nerves and restricting the blood supply to the feet.

This means that:

Daily Foot care

Foot wear

Things to Avoid

Foot complication associated with Diabetes


neuropathyOne of the early changes can be loss of sensation in your feet, often starting at the toes. This is known as peripheral neuropathy. This can be gradual and first can go unnoticed. That why it is important that you receive an annual diabetic foot assessment by a diabetes specialist.

Painful Neuropathy: 

painful neuropathyVery occasionally pain or a burning sensation may accompany loss of feeling



Foot deformity: 

foot deformityDue to nerve and circulation problems, the shape of your toes and feet may change, causing clawing of toes, excess pressure under the sole of your feet.




Ischeamic Foot: (Poor Blood Supply)

Ischeamic FootWhen the blood supply to the foot is poor, the situation becomes even worse. Healthy feet require oxygen and essential nutrients that are delivered by the blood. In people with diabetes, the supply is sometimes inadequate, and this slows wound healing. When the blood is severely reduced, the foot is at high risk of tissue damage and parts of the foot may become threatened. The tissue may decay, leading to part of the foot dying and turning black. This is called gangrene.


foot ulcerationInjuries are common in people with nerve damage because they have reduced pain to warn them of problems. Many ulcers are caused by pieces of grit, rough seams, and sharp objects. That why we advise people not to walk barefoot, because people step on sharp objects and increase the risk of severe injury.

Contact Details:

The Westminster Diabetes Centre

4b Maida Vale
London W9 1SP
Tel: 020 7316 1200
Fax: 020 7316 1299

Podiatry Services Westminster PCT
Health @ The Stowe
260 Harrow Road
London W2 5ES
Patient Enquiries Line 020 7316 6808
Fax 020 7316 6809


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