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BEMDA, founded in 1995, is a user-led health-focused organisation that is established to promote the health of diabetics in the community and reduce the impact of diabetes related health problems in Black and Ethnic Minority communities in particular, without excluding diabetics and their carers from other communities from our services.

diabetes awareness stallDiabetes in ethnic minority communities is 4-6times higher than it is in white communities.

We are committed to work at grass-root levels to raise awareness of diabetes and enhance individual's ability to self-manage and control their conditions thereby preventing potential life-threatening health complications.

Our approach to health promotion work is multi-professional. This makes it necessary for us to work in partnership with the statutory sector, other relevant organisations like Diabetes UK as well as complementing diabetes care in GP Practices.

BEMDA a registered charity

BEMDA (Black and Ethnic Minority Diabetes Association) is a registered charity in England and Wales and operates in Europe and Africa, principally in Belgium, France, Gambia, Ghana and Nigeria.

Registered charity number: 1120589
Company registered by guarantee number: 6343442

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